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The Little Market: Empowering Women Artisans in the U.S. And Across the Globe

The Little Market: Empowering Women Artisans in the U.S. And Across the Globe

Founded by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla, The Little Market sells fair trade products handmade by artisan women around the world.

A nonprofit founded by women to empower women

The story starts with friendship. An #EmpowerSquad duo!

Lauren and Hannah met while studying at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) and bonded over their mutual love of design, wanderlust, and desire to empower women.

Taking our friendship on the road, we explored the colorful, local markets of Bali and El Salvador and became immediately inspired.

We met amazing, vibrant, hard-working women who were creating beautiful products–products we loved and we knew our friends at home would love if only they had the opportunity. After returning home, we began envisioning what it would take to make that possible.

During a trip to Tanzania and Uganda, we had the incredible opportunity to visit non-profit organizations that were working with female artisans and entrepreneurs who were struggling to make ends meet.

It was here, our envisioning turned to concrete planning. We created an online platform so we could help these artisans showcase their beautiful products to a broader audience.

Their artisan partners are paid in full, regardless of whether a product sells! Their mission is to ensure our artisan partners are the ones who profit from the purchases of their handmade goods. We’re creating sustainable jobs and preserving cultural traditions.

Meet the artisans with whom they work.

Women artisans are often able to work from home while caring for their families. Women can use the extra income to send their children to school. Oftentimes these children will be the first generation to graduate high school.

How beautiful is that?! Not only are you helping individual women become independent, you are helping to end cycles of poverty!

& to remember: YOU can change the world! Two women decided to empower themselves and women across the globe! All you have to do is make the decision to shine your light.

Women aren’t the only ones benefiting. Working through cooperatives and social enterprises, their artisan partners improve the quality of life in their communities in a number of ways, including literacy workshops, business training, and health programs.

Today, The Little Market proudly works with dozens of artisan partners all over the world. With each new trip, we continue to be inspired by new artisans and are thrilled to discover new ways of creating life-changing income for these women.

You can donate directly to their nonprofit here.

The Little Market sells bags, accessories, candles, spa goods, home goods, and products for babies and kids.

Here are EP's picks:

Lemon Bath Bomb

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch, citric acid, coconut oil, witch hazel, Himalayan salt, lemon essential oil, & dried lemon peel

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Made by the Downtown Women’s Center of Los Angeles. DWC was created to break the cycle of chronic unemployment and homelessness.

  • Products are created by DWC program participants in collaboration with local artists
  • Product design and development workshops provide the women with social and vocational skills
  • Women rebuild self-esteem, discover talents, and develop skills

Coconut Sugar Scrub

Ingredients: white sugar, brown sugar, coconut oil, & all-natural coconut fragrance oil

Made by the women of Bright Endeavors. Bright Endeavors lights the way out of poverty for young moms in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Teaches strong women to craft premium products in a supportive, professional environment
  • Provides the guidance and job skills young moms need to secure quality employment and achieve a lifetime of personal success.

Lavender & Chamomile Soaking Salt

Ingredients: pink Himalayan sea salt, all-natural lavender chamomile oil (fragrance), & lavender and chamomile herbs

This soaking salt is also made by women at Bright Endeavors.

Does this inspire you to empower women around you? Which products do you want to try? Do you take baths as part of your self-care routine? 🛁

Post a comment or question below and don’t hesitate to share this post and help create a cycle of women empowering women across the globe 😘

& remember to allow your authentic self to empower the women around you

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