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Empowering Bali One Lipstick at a Time

Empowering Bali One Lipstick at a Time

Updated April 1, 2019

All About Axiology: This female powerhouse lipstick brand is all you need. Created by a woman, sourcing from a women-owned business, giving back to the environment, and saving animals. 😍

You can do all that, too! All you need to do is buy lipstick. 💄

Mind. Blown.

Axiology is a beauty brand that sells lipsticks, lip crayons, and balm. The word axiology means the study of the nature of values and value judgments. The values of the brand radiate through its story and philanthropy:

  • Created by Ericka Rodriguez who volunteers at her local shelter in Bend, Oregon and goes mountain biking in the wilderness

  • Vegan, organic, & cruelty-free

  • High-quality ingredients like organic coconut oil and avocado butter

  • 100% palm-oil free [proceeds from each tube you buy goes to the Orangutan Foundation International (OFI), an organization that cares for one of the animals most jeopardized by conflict palm-oil production]

  • They donate a percentage of their annual profits to other partners like PeTA, and other humane societies

  • Lipstick boxes are sourced from a woman-owned recycled-paper boutique in Bali (Their production helps trash reduction on the island)

I mean come on!! This company represents everything for which EP stands!

Trash reduction is a growing concern as Bali’s population and popularity continue to rise. I know you've seen the travel photos on your Instagram feed. 📱

How does Axiology help?

First, 100% post consumer recycled paper from offices, hotels, and schools around the island is sorted and shredded. While Bali has recycling available, it’s not accessible for everyone.

You may have already heard this recently but sustainable choices are feminist choices. Women are so often exploited in factory positions and only 10% of ‘domestic workers’ are in a position to receive protection under national labor laws.

We’re proud to say that the factory where our signature triangular boxes are born is female-owned, with a mostly female staff who are empowered by their role as environmental protectors.

Paper making and binding by hand is a historically rich, creative trade and we’re so happy that we can help keep that alive through our brand.

While recycling and repurposing paper isn’t as glamorous in the States as say, solar panels or composting, it’s a crucial part of saving Bali from eventual destruction.

By keeping just one ton of waste from making its way to the ocean, we potentially save up to 17 mature trees and energy that could power a home for months. We secure meaningful jobs for women—much like you—who want to make a difference in their community.

And we’re able to do all of this while maintaining the aesthetic and style that makes Axiology so unique. Now, who said that you couldn’t be eco-friendly, fair, and chic at the same time?

What do you think about the paper boxes? Did you know about the effects of palm oil on the rainforest? What lip color will you try?

Post a comment or question below and don’t hesitate to share this post and help create a cycle of women-owned brands 😘

& remember to allow your authentic self to empower the women around you

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