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3 Vegan Makeup Brush Brands

Brushes made from animal hair actually trap more dirt and dry less quickly. Basically a breeding ground for bacteria. Soo let’s not brush animal hair on our faces unless we are hugging a dog or holding a cute bunny… 🐇

5 Cleaner Nail Polish Brands

Many of us are looking for cleaner options in our daily lives. From cleaning supplies to clean skincare. Nail polish is a tricky product that I would not consider as clean beauty. However, there are women-owned brands excluding the most toxic ingredients…

Latina-Owned and Inspired Skincare

With self-development and self-care, it is all about us. We have to help and heal ourselves before we can truly love, help, or heal others. This, however, doesn’t mean you can’t experience another culture or cuisine while growing in self-awareness.

I created a list of Latina-owned skincare brands that are inspired by their culture and heritage. Sourcing their ingredients from Mexican markets or selling cuisine inspired products like horchata (a drink made of ground rice) and concha pan dulce (a Mexican sweet bread)…

4 Asian-Owned Beauty Brands

Our cultural backgrounds come with different health issues and skincare needs. We need brands that nourish us differently. I am sharing Asian-owned brands filled with passion and heart fighting for better ingredients, better products, and a bigger impact…