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4 Ocean-Inspired Skincare Brands Perfect For Summer

It’s summer and I’m currently on vacation and feeling the ocean/pool vibes! The ocean is filled with so much life, nutrients and minerals that I was inspired to blog about brands that capture the benefits of the ocean in a bottle. The star ingredients in this post are seaweed, algae and sea salt. I’m VERY excited for you to read this post! 😘🌊☀️

The Beauty Routine You Drink

I’m the worst at taking vitamins. Taking pills every day is so hard for me. I forget, it gets boring, it’s not fun swallowing large or multiple pills. I also struggle with gummy vitamins.

Whether it’s a smoothie, juice or powder, the vitamins are yummier, filling, & easier for your body to absorb!

Why I No Longer Support Bee-Made Ingredients

This week I was going to write a post about 9 honey-focused brands that help protect the bee population. But the deeper I dug, the more disturbed I was. The ingredients produced by bees include honey, beeswax, propolis, bee pollen oil, royal jelly and bee venom. The brands I looked at are considered cruelty-free, but I’m not convinced…

6 Clean Makeup Brands

The ingredients in makeup are on your face all day long, soaking into your pores and your skin. So obviously, you want clean, non-toxic ingredients in your makeup.

I’ve listed 6 makeup brands with clean ingredients to give you more options!

3 Superfood Beauty Brands

Superfood is definitely a trendy buzzword like glow, empower, keto-friendly. Companies might include these words in 1 or 2 products to capitalize on the success. But there are some brands that dig much deeper and turn something trendy into a lifestyle.

The 3 brands I’ve listed have adopted the use of superfoods on our skin as a way of life. If we see the benefits of eating superfoods, why not let our skin soak it in as well?