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Refillable + Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies from 4 Brands

Forget disinfectant sprays that equal death and poison or cleaning supplies that cause you to hold your breath. We want products that smell yummy, clean well, are safe for us, the little ones and our adorable pets.

I’ve listed 4 brands (2 subscription and 2 non-subscription) that sell refillables for less plastic and less waste! One of the brands is a personal favorite of mine.

4 Ocean-Inspired Skincare Brands Perfect For Summer

It’s summer and I’m currently on vacation and feeling the ocean/pool vibes! The ocean is filled with so much life, nutrients and minerals that I was inspired to blog about brands that capture the benefits of the ocean in a bottle. The star ingredients in this post are seaweed, algae and sea salt. I’m VERY excited for you to read this post! 😘🌊☀️

Shop to Support Female Refugees

Today, I’m sharing how you can support women refugees and their families. Families are torn apart by war and unspeakable violence.

These brands and organizations are focused on giving refugees a chance to rebuild and grow their lives. By shopping, you support refugee jobs and the education of adults and children.

Palm Oil Is A Cruelty-Free Friend, Not Enemy

You’ve probably heard the horror stories about palm oil. Orphaned orangutans, rainforests destroyed, smoldering fires that pollute the air. The imagery is intense.

HOWEVER, palm oil is actually an inherently sustainable and nutrient-dense oil.

The PROBLEM is the WAY in which most palm oil is being produced.

The Beauty Routine You Drink

I’m the worst at taking vitamins. Taking pills every day is so hard for me. I forget, it gets boring, it’s not fun swallowing large or multiple pills. I also struggle with gummy vitamins.

Whether it’s a smoothie, juice or powder, the vitamins are yummier, filling, & easier for your body to absorb!

Replace Food Plastic with Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Options

Now that many of us are focusing on cruelty-free, sustainability, eco-friendly, vegan, fair trade, transparent, clean, etc. products, IT’S A BIT OVERWHELMING. I mean the list goes on! It’s easy to forget to look for some of these things when you are shopping.

As companies are changing for the better and new brands with better products pop up, it will be easier for you to make those clean, humane decisions.

So this post is all about plastic products you may use that you don’t even think about. Such as reusable bags to replace the plastic produce bags at grocery stores. I NEVER thought of that! I hope this post makes you think as well…