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Shop to Support Female Refugees

Today, I’m sharing how you can support women refugees and their families. Families are torn apart by war and unspeakable violence.

These brands and organizations are focused on giving refugees a chance to rebuild and grow their lives. By shopping, you support refugee jobs and the education of adults and children.

1st Woman-Owned Vegan Fashion House in NYFW

Today, I’m sharing with you a 180 degree TOTAL fashion industry rule breaker. A woman-owned brand making better alternatives and creating a space for conversation about the current dirty fashion culture.

Plus, I added tips at the end of this blog post to help you look for cruelty-free and non-toxic clothing…

Jewelry with Daily Mantras and Affirmations

Life can be hectic and chaotic. Many times we forget to center ourselves and find peace. It is hard to remember each day all the lessons we’ve learned along our life’s journey. As a solution, Mantraband creates daily reminders with simply and powerfully designed affirmational jewelry…

Your Clothing State of Myne

Best friends, Aly Silverio and Nedda Parangi, created STATE OF MYNE after discussing their futures in 2016 (“aka having an emotional breakdown about their futures”). Their clothing collection gives major vintage vibes with trendy touches…