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Non-Toxic Clothing is IN

Non-Toxic Clothing is IN

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. It absorbs your environment and the products you use. That’s why it is important to be conscious of what you put ON your body, not just in it.

MATE, a non-toxic clothing brand, fights for dressing clean. I’m talking about more than clean beauty and clean eating. Clean fashion!

I’ll share more about MATE shortly, but you should know more about the chemicals in your clothes and how to avoid them.

Toxins in Skin(2).png

Your skin also vents about one pound of toxins per day. However, certain chemical fibers suffocate your skin and shut down the release of chemicals.

The fashion industry uses about 8,000 synthetic chemicals.

Consequently, you end up having a ‘toxic soup’ of harsh chemicals reacting and mixing together.

& to remember: Stay away from ‘wrinkle-free’, ‘shrinkage-free’, ‘anti-cling’, ‘perspiration-proof’, ‘waterproof’, and ‘chlorine resistant’. These all contain and release formaldehyde. 😷 Also, stay away from Teflon which is used to make garments last longer.

Think of it as the nasty preservatives in food. These are the nasty preservatives in your clothing. 🙅 Note: There have even been lawsuits alleging high levels of formaldehyde in Victoria’s Secret bras.

Disperse Blue Dyes, especially dark blue, brown, and black synthetic put you at high risk for contact dermatitis. Also, Disperse Blue # 1 is classified as a human carcinogen due to high malignant tumor levels in lab animals. Another note: EP does not stand for animal testing and neither do I.

High temperatures and humidity open your pores which increases chemical absorption. Make sure you at least wash your new clothes before wearing them. However, washing your clothes will not rid of these chemicals.

What fabrics to look for:

  • Cotton, preferably organic
  • Flax
  • Hemp
  • Organic Wool

These chemicals also seep into the air, groundwater, and puts tons of toxins into the earth.

What about the employees who make these toxic products?

At MATE, the employees aren’t inhaling or touching harsh chemicals all day. You are supporting an ethical, humane, non-toxic environment for fellow humans to work.

Founded by Kayti O'Connell Carr, MATE the label is a clothing brand based in Los Angeles. The label is all about the chill vibes of California.

MATE partners with factories within a five-mile radius from their Arts District Headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles. Each piece is thoughtfully and proudly produced in small batches season after season.

Watch their video here.

EP's Picks:

The Coco Crop & Ruby Shorts

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Made with Organic Turmeric


The Shay Crop

via   MATE

via MATE

via   MATE

via MATE

& to remember: Keep that shit clean. Seriously. And demand more from your fashion.

What do you think about Turmeric in your clothing? What did you learn about the chemicals in clothing?

Post a comment or question below and don’t hesitate to share this post and help create a cycle of clean fashion 😘

& remember to allow your authentic self to empower the women around you

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