You are a Winner!


Here is a 5 step TO DO list for self-love & care (feel free to come back to this as often as you want):

1. Love yourself in a bathroom.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Say "Oooo I f*cks with you." OUT LOUD. Then blow yourself a kiss. 😘

2. Buy or pick yourself flowers.

From anywhere, including that guy on the side of the road.

3. Text a friend and ask them what they love about you.

You could even do it Kanye style and text ALL your friends to tell you how great you are.

4. Play music.

Play an upbeat song you love and shake your booty.

5. Hot bath.

Have a relaxing bath or shower filled with beautiful scents. Play spa music from your phone and set a scene!

Let us know when you complete them! You are luminous, intelligent and loved 💜

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