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Why Reflecting on Your Year Will Help You Reach Your Goals + the Tools to Achieve It All

Why Reflecting on Your Year Will Help You Reach Your Goals + the Tools to Achieve It All

As the year comes to a close, I write to tell you that you have accomplished and grown more than you realize. How do I know this?

You see yourself in the mirror every day, you see where you are and where you aren’t, each day you’re finishing yesterday’s task or are onto the next task, you work on self-improvement or self-care, you wake up, you repeat, you sleep. Living in that each day often makes you feel like you are in the same place.

Can you remember what you struggled with in February? What about September?

The cool thing about reflection is that you realize how much you’ve grown and done. You’ve had a whole fucking year ladies! What a blessing in itself. Think about it. You must have changed somehow. You lost 5 pounds (Yay! Congrats!), or you gained 5 pounds because you decided to be happy, love your body and eat what you like (Either way, yay! Haha). Maybe you are like me and seem to be stuck at the same number.

Maybe you lost a loved one, a pet or gained a new family member. Maybe you met a new soul sister to add to your #EmpowerSquad. All these situations help you grow.

You may have forgotten about the email that made you smile. What about that outfit you bought which made you feel like a badass! Maybe you handled a situation with a man differently in October than you would’ve in June.

I promise you that if you reflect on your 2017, you will come across a few surprises, you will find something to be grateful for, and you might even have an epiphany.

Here are two tools to help you reflect on this year forward:

1. Custom Journal by Melody Tait of Chauncey Calligraphy

I ordered one to document my moments of joy and gratitude!

Chelsea's Journal.jpg

2. Gratitude Journal App by Carla White

Learn more and download here.

Reflection is not the end, but the beginning! Take all the bruises, the glitter, the rawness and wins of your 2017 and learn from it. Live in gratitude for the year you’ve had and create an ACTION plan for 2018.

How to create your action plan:

  1. Make a list of things you want (new wardrobe/style, serious relationship, job/career change, to ditch the negative people in your life, travel to Hawaii, etc.)
  2. Decide your goals for each month and the year.
  3. Break each goal down into small steps that you can cross off throughout the year.
  4. What did you learn in 2017 that can help you with your new goals?

& to remember: however you create your 2018 action plan, put it somewhere you will see it every day (the bathroom mirror, your bedroom door or closet door)

I suggest typing up or writing your plan. Putting your action plan in your phone’s notes is excellent as a second reminder, but you are less likely to see that note every day.

Download an EP ACTION plan template


Shop a 2018 planner with an extensive notes section + stickers:

What lessons did you learn this year? Are you inspired to create an ACTION plan for 2018? Do you usually reflect on your year?

Post a comment or question below and don’t hesitate to share this post and help create a cycle of reflection and action 😘

& remember to allow your authentic self to empower the women around you

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