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Save Money by Adding Reusables and Sustainables to Your Skincare Routine

Save Money by Adding Reusables and Sustainables to Your Skincare Routine

Having a skincare routine is a privilege. Privilege of time, money and access to stores or the internet.

For those of us blessed to have a routine or start one, the luxury of it doesn’t have to be so expensive.

I have listed 3 products that will help cut spending, save water and conserve energy:


  • Created for gender-neutral use

  • Small-batch

  • Made in Brooklyn, New York

1. Reusable Cotton Rounds (set of 8)

Cotton rounds are perfect for makeup removers, cleansers, and toners.

White Cotton Rounds

  • Machine-washable

  • 3 inch rounds

  • Made with 100% organic bamboo cotton

  • Supports women-owned small businesses

Black Cotton Rounds

  • Machine-washable

  • 3 inch rounds

  • Made with 100% natural cotton flannel, double-layered

  • Supports women-owned small businesses

How to care for the cotton rounds:

Place used rounds inside the machine-washable mesh bag and wash on regular wash cycle, and to dry, place temperature setting on tumble dry LOW or DELICATE setting. Dryer sheets and fabric softeners are not recommended and may decrease the absorbency of the pads.


  • PETA certified cruelty free & vegan

  • Products made from recycled aluminum & plastic

  • Packaging is made of 100% Tree-Free paper (20% cotton and 80% bamboo fibers)

  • Product handles are made of renewable bamboo

2. Facial Mask Mates

Instead of wasting facial mask products on your hands, you can use a brush to paint on the perfect amount of product and a sponge to remove the mask. Less mess and less water waste to rinse off hands or a messy rag. Simple. Clean. Done.

Their Mask Remover Sponges are made with natural plant pulp to remove facial masks and exfoliate your skin.

By adding your favorite cleanser to the sponges, they DOUBLE as an exfoliating tool to remove dirt, oil and makeup.

3. Luv Scrub

  • This type of scrub has been used in West Africa for generations

  • Can last up to 18 months (unlike a loofa that breaks after a week)

  • Made of 100% nylon

  • See the “expert” feedback

I own the color Made You Blush and I am OBSESSED. Each color gives a meaning. Made You Blush is romantic, inspiring, and feminine.

I get regular waxes and the Luv Scrub completely rids of my ingrown hairs. My skin is baby soft, bouncier, and more firm. Forget a body scrub, this is all you need with less mess!

Plus, all you need is a quarter size of soap. Not only are you saving money with the Luv Scrub, but minimizing your soap usage.

The Luv Scrub is in my TOP 2 skincare tips. My number 1 is drinking lots of water. Sooo basically I believe everyone in the world should have one. Anndd my besties are getting them as gifts.

What do you reuse in your lifestyle? Which product would you love to try?

Post a comment or question below and don’t hesitate to share this post and help create a cycle of reusable beauty goods 😘

& remember to allow your authentic self to empower the women around you

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