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Mayamiko: Women-Owned, Ethical, & Organic Clothing

Mayamiko: Women-Owned, Ethical, & Organic Clothing

Mayamiko The Label all started after Paola Masperi’s travels throughout Africa. She set out to turn local communities' creative talents into sustainable work. As a result, Paola created her foundation, Mayamiko Trust.

Mayamiko The Label was born out of this foundation to advocate and promote the conscious consumer.

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At first, I planned a blog post with multiple, ethical and toxic-free clothing brands. However, I fell in love with Mayamiko! The cuts, the fabric, the designs are GORGEOUS! Plus, Mayamiko is in another universe when it comes to transparency and treating people like actual humans!

Mayamiko Trust offers training and educational courses for the most disadvantaged people in Malawi and other parts of Africa, teaching them skills such as tailoring, bee-keeping, and solar lights promotion.

Mayamiko Trust educates beautiful human beings how to utilize those skills through business and financial education workshops.

What does Mayamiko mean?

Mayamiko’ is the Chewa word for praise. Instead of throwing money at “disadvantaged” people, Mayamiko encourages and nurtures what they already have—a wealth of creative talents and a willingness to learn. All they need is the opportunity to develop.

Major life lesson alert. 💫✨

Why come from a place of lack or assume we are missing something? You are enough. I am enough. WE ARE ENOUGH. Let’s have a mindset of abundance. That all we need is inside us, that abundance is always flowing our way. Nurture what you already have, what your #EmpowerSquad has, or a stranger’s natural gifts.

Mayamiko Trust’s Impact:

  • 100+ trainees successfully graduated and received a TEVET Level 1 tailoring & sewing certificate
  • 100+ women benefited from microfinance & now own a sewing machine
  • 100+ women benefited from business monitoring scheme
  • 200 sanitary kits donated
  • 250 solar lights in circulation
  • 100+ women benefited from entrepreneurship scheme
  • 90 members of the NRC trained as beekeepers 🐝 of sustainable pure forest honey 🍯
  • Free meal for each trainee and her child every day since 2008 (20,000+ total meals)

You can donate directly here.

Mayamiko radiates positivity and walks the walk when it comes to ethical practices, an eco-friendly company, and the conscious creator:

  • Vegan certified by PETA
  • Solar powered workshop in Malawi ☀️
  • Fabrics are sourced in a local market
  • Batik & tie-dye fabrics are hand-dyed by talented artisans at the Malawi Council for the Handicapped (MaCoHa), an organization based in Blantyre, which employees & trains wonderful humans, differently abled. They pay MaCoHa a fair price for the artisans' work
  • Mayamiko is experimenting with more eco-friendly dye alternatives such as onion peels, hibiscus flowers 🌺, & avocado peels 🥑
  • Uses GOTS certified cotton wherever possible
  • For the communities that don’t have a GOTS certification available, Mayamiko partners with Cotonea (working with cotton farmers in Gulu, Northern Uganda to produce ethical, organic cotton)
  • Mayamiko is a member of the Iprefer30 campaign (washing clothes in low temperature to cut CO2 emissions, save energy & help the environment)
  • Partner of One Tree Planted so every time you place an order with Mayamiko you will have the option to plant a tree. Mayamiko will pay for One Tree Planted to plant your tree 🌳
  • Packaging is made from recyclable materials ♻️
  • You may receive your delivery in an upcycled tea bag hand-painted by artists graduating from the Chitra Lane School for the Special Child
  • Zero-waste policy ensuring all fabric scraps are turned into something new (e.g headbands, protective parcel bags, doormats, & reusable sanitary pads)
  • Zero-waste pattern cutting technique to minimize any waste at the point of cutting
  • Initiative to donate recyclable sanitary pads to girls in refugee camps, alongside feminine hygiene programs
Mayamiko's Ethical Promise.png

Read more about their fair trade practices here.

EP's Picks:

Items sell out, so if you see something you love, grab it!

You can shop their sale products here.

Mayamiko also collaborates with empowering social programs to bring you new products:

Mayamiko x Fiore all'Occhiello

An upcycled silk collection with 'Fiore all'Occhiello, a social cooperative based on the outskirts of Milan. Fiore all’Occhiello provides stable employment for disadvantaged people, refugees, and asylum seekers as part of comprehensive programs of integration and support services in the local community. Each piece was crafted by skilled tailors from Africa, Asia, and Latin America

Mayamiko x Booteek

Products crafted in Sri Lanka with Booteek, a social empowerment project supporting disadvantaged women artisans who are mothers to disabled children. The women artisans work from their homes, giving them the flexibility to work at their own pace and care for their children. The clutches, boho bags, and tassels they make for Mayamiko are from 100% local raw silk and are beautifully hand embroidered.

Mayamiko x Chiyambi

Natural soaps from Chiyambi lovingly hand-made in Malawi using locally sourced ingredients. The soaps are produced near Dzaleka Refugee Camp. The beautiful African textile packaging is made by refugees and Malawians with disabilities or supporting disabled family members. All profits are reinvested in community development. Mayamiko pays Chiyambi a fair price for each piece.

Mayamiko x Kayan Lahwi women

Delicate and precious scarves, hand dyed and hand woven in Myanmar by the Kayan Lahwi women, also known as Padaung, a sub-group of Red Karen (Karenni) people. The process is highly skillful and elaborate, and the result is luxurious and unique. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, many Kayan tribes fled to the Thai border area and settled in refugee camps.

Is there an ethical brand you shop? What qualities do you look for in your clothing?

Post a comment or question below and don’t hesitate to share this post and help create a cycle of women wearing ethical clothes created by empowered people 😘

& remember to allow your authentic self to empower the women around you


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