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CraZyCreativeCool: Empowering Women with Mental Health Issues

CraZyCreativeCool: Empowering Women with Mental Health Issues

I struggled and suffered through major depression for over 4 years. I didn’t know my worth, I lacked confidence, and I didn’t love myself.

I worked with a therapist and my support system to get to where I am today. The woman I am today would hold the old Chelsea in her arms, pet her head, and tell her there is a brighter future ahead. Most of the time that’s all someone needs and all a friend can do.

Being in such darkness is excruciating from the inside out. If you struggle with any mental illness or health issues, people often tell you to reach out for help.

For me, it felt like I was screaming for help and no one could hear me. Most people suffering feel too held back, too deep in a hole to ever yell loud enough for someone to hear.

If you are in a mentally healthy place in life please check-in with your friends, your family. You may never know who needs your company or your help.

I sabotaged my success, my relationships, and my happiness.

Mental wellness is a major priority for your sanity, your health, your success, and your happiness. We can’t even begin to help someone else when we are drowning in our own issues.

Susan Selçuk, the founder of CraZyCreativeCool, created a goal setting workbook intended for women suffering from mental health issues who are struggling to find motivation. Looking toward the future, toward goals, hopes, and dreams is what got me out of bed.

It saved my life.

Plus, Susan created a habit tracker for the good and the bad. The purpose is for you to become aware of the things you do or don’t do on a daily basis.

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Our minds can be greatly affected by comparison and unrealistic expectations - due to this so many girls suffer alone and in silence from mental health issues. I created CraZyCreativeCool as a platform to empower females, to give them the tools to believe in their own creative energy, acknowledge negative self-talk and replace it with positive action.
Having worked in creative industries for the past 6 years, I definitely feel there is a strong connection between creative minds and mental illnesses. I constantly had high power creative energy flowing through my veins, but my anxiety, OCD, and depression literally made me feel unable to take action on anything.
I felt inspired but unmotivated, energized but at the same time absolutely drained of all life. I tried all the popular goal-setting methods but everything made me feel worse because I just didn’t have the motivation to actually get going! The feeling of wanting to do so much but not achieving anything would only add to low self-esteem, anxiety, and hopelessness for the future.
I started to think about the way we are taught to set goals and began to realize why this might not work for everyone (especially people who suffered with their mental health). Instead of feeling defeated by my own mind I wanted to be in control. There must be a way I can learn to be productive, on my own terms - right?!
I knew how beneficial goal setting could be for mental wellness so I began to look at the traditional goal setting methods with the intention of creating something more holistic that targets all aspects of wellbeing. Enter the G.E.N.T.L.E method workbook! A mini book that gives an insight into why gentle goal setting is such an important step in recovery from mental illness and powerful tool for general wellbeing.
It includes a workbook at the end to put your thoughts into action because as much as it's essential to talk, the real results come when we start to take positive action in changing our mindsets and daily routines.

- Susan Selçuk


Her workbook ⬇️

Grow through what you go through 🌻 Making mental wellness a priority via holistic self-development, healing + support 💛

Click here or on one of the above images to get the physical workbook.

Here is the eWorkbook.

All proceeds of the workbook go toward future CraZyCreativeCool tools, the running of their website and future workshops.

Click here for her habit tracker for mental wellness, self-care, and goal setting ⬇️

At CraZyCreativeCool, the focus is on baby steps. Small actions add up to massive results. I’m repeating that. Small actions add up to massive results.

You don’t have to complete a million tasks in one day. Focus on completing one task this week. That’s it.

It may sound like nothing, but it is EVERYTHING when you take one action step toward a better you, a better future.

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The fulfilling and invigorating part is when you look back at your tracker and see the changes you have made to your daily routine!

How Susan uses her tracker:

I use mine to track to habits I want to create (e.g meditate daily, move my body) and to track my progress of eliminating habits (e.g skin picking). It's a useful tool for anyone overcoming a mental illness, you could use it as a tracker to keep you on track to do the things you know will help your anxiety, to measure how often you skin pick or hair pull, or even to remind yourself when to check in with a friend.

As with all growth, relapses don't mean you've failed, because you can't relapse if you haven't tried! So please be kind to yourself, take every "failure" as a lesson and a chance to start over with even more strength knowing you can try again even harder.

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Do you struggle with mental health issues? Have you been lacking motivation? Do you follow through with the goals you set?

Post a comment or question below and don’t hesitate to share this post and help create a cycle of mental wellness

& remember to allow your authentic self to empower the women around you

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