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Apps Made by Women for Women

Apps Made by Women for Women

Women are killing it in the workforce and as entrepreneurs. I want to share with you apps created and inspired by women! Imagine if all the apps on your phone were created by women.

Improve your life and connect with the following apps:


Apps for Mommies

Peanut created by Michelle Kennedy (Worked for Badoo & Bumble)

Ever share a smile with another mama on the street? It's kind of like that.

Peanut is like Tinder, but for mamas. Making the transition into motherhood can be isolating or make a woman feel lonely. Peanut aims to build a community of women, who happen to be mothers.

At Peanut, we see motherhood as an adventure in the life of a woman. The best chapter in your book, but not the only one. Just because you entered motherhood, you didn’t stop being you.

Dangle co-founded by Mari Mergerson (Her older brother is another co-founder!)

via   Dangle

via Dangle

The app ‘dangles the carrot’ and incentivizes children to be responsible.

This is a new app in Beta. Know a mommy who would love this?

She can register here for their beta test. Those who complete the test will get access to their premium version for 3 months when it launches and will have the opportunity for a $100 reward.

For Health

Rawvana by Yovana Mendoza (Vegan, all about self-care and healthy living)

Get recipes, shopping lists, videos, and more! Everything is raw and vegan 🌱


Download on iTunes or from Google Play

Transform your life and reveal your authentic self by practicing daily gratitude and self-love. Eat an abundance of delicious fruits and veggies for boundless energy to be active and perform at your best.
The Rawvana lifestyle is about connecting your body, mind, and spirit by creating harmony between yourself, your thoughts, and the world. True beauty comes from within, so feel amazing and look amazing!
- Yovana Mendoza

I am a personal fan of Yovana. I love everything she stands for and that she supports lifestyles, not diets!

Jumpstart your healthy lifestyle, improve your confidence and boost your energy with her 21-Day Challenge.

This week, I started the 21-Day Challenge she created. I was feeling like my overall health and weight plateaued, so I wanted to jumpstart my growth. Let me know if you take the leap! I’ll support you all the way.

Spitfire Athlete by Erin Parker & Nidhi Kulkarni (Badass Athletes & Engineers)

Spitfire Athlete creates a community for women that offers structured training plans for strength, endurance, and conditioning. Plus, you can see the training plans of nationally ranked female athletes!

For Beauty

Plum Perfect by Asmau Ahmed (Engineer & CEO from West Africa)

Upload your photo and get your perfect makeup match!

& to remember: You will be inspired by women’s achievements when you support their endeavors

What app would you like to try? Are you going to recommend these apps to any mommies?

Post a comment or question below and don’t hesitate to share this post and help create a cycle of apps by women 😘

& remember to allow your authentic self to empower the women around you

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