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5 Condom Brands That Won't Harm Your Vagina

5 Condom Brands That Won't Harm Your Vagina

In my prior post on natural lubes, I discussed why it’s important to care about what goes on or in your vagina. I highly recommend you read that post before this one.

So if you’ve been reading Empower Palette’s posts, you may have noticed that I try to provide you the reader, valuable information so you, in turn, can empower yourself.

The list post on lubes didn’t just have a slideshow of photos with corresponding captions. I genuinely care about you as a woman and a queen. The cool part is that I also learn new things alongside you!

Note: As I said before, I am not a doctor. However, I do want you to have the healthiest freaking vagina so you can go out and do boss shit 👊🏽.


This post is mainly for women with male sex partners, but the information is valuable for everyone. So here we go!

I want to skip to the 5 condom brands.

The FDA (yeah I know  🤦🏽 ) classifies male condoms as Class II medical devices--the same as lubricants. However, the FDA classifies female condoms as Class III medical devices. Oh shit! Why’d they do us like that?! Haha, we should go over what that means first before we get frustrated. I got you girl.

Let’s go over some FDA definitions. Yeah this doesn’t excite me either, but we need to know this information and our rights before we can change them.

Get It Done.gif

Medical Device: Any article or healthcare product intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other condition, or for use in the care, treatment or prevention of disease, which does not achieve any of its primary intended purposes by chemical action or by being metabolized

Class II Medical Device: A 'medium risk' medical device, often non-invasive approved by the FDA for use in humans (e.g. hearing aids, x-ray machines, acupuncture needles and powered wheelchairs)

Class III Medical Device: A highly regulated 'high risk' medical device, that poses a potentially unreasonable risk of illness or injury approved by the FDA for use in humans (e.g., heart valves, artificial pancreas device systems, and breast implants)

The classes are all based on risk:

So Class I devices like bandages and surgical gloves only need “general controls” in order to assure safety for the public.

Class II devices (male condoms and lube) need “general controls” with “special controls”. This means they are held to higher standards to ensure safety.

Class III devices (female condoms) need “general controls” and “premarket approval.” This means they are held to an even higher standard and often have insufficient data. In addition, these devices need a “comprehensive scientific review to ensure the device’s safety and effectiveness”.

Also within Class III, female condoms are listed under “Obstetrical and Gynecological Devices,” ‘Subpart F,' ‘Obstetrical and Gynecological Therapuetic Devices’...#becausegovernment

Eye Roll.gif

This classification made total sense when female condoms were approved in the 1990s. Yes, the 1990s. They were new and had little data. However, I checked my calendar today and happened to realize it’s 2017.

The ramifications of this classification?

  • Shoe bullet Female condoms cost more
  • Shoe bullet Fewer choices
  • Shoe bullet Fewer innovators

I disagree with the classifications of condoms and lubricants. As you’ve seen in my post of lubes and will see with condoms, mainstream products are often harmful to your vaginal health. Thus, these classifications aren’t helping in that regard. Instead, they are limiting your options and access.

Are you dying from this horrendous information yet? I feel you, but we needed to get through this. I am proud of you!

Want to evoke some positivity and help the cause for female condoms? Here is how you can get involved. For female condom inspiration, click here.

Now onto the male condoms.

Major name brand condoms often have chemicals and animal ingredients. 🚫

In fact, some condoms are processed using the milk protein casein, while other condoms are made from lamb intestines. No lie. I can wait here if you want to look it up. They often use prettier words than lamb intestines.

Luckily for animals and you, vegan condoms are widely available. Even if you aren’t vegan, I highly recommend them because I don’t think you want 2 animals in you 😉.

Below are 5 Empower Palette approved vegan condom brands.

Sir Richard's

Sir Richard’s condoms come in classic ribbed, pleasure dots, ultra-thin, and extra large. All made without harsh chemicals.

They also sell lubes, lotions, toys and bondage for men.

Sir Richard’s believes safe sex is a basic human right. Only a fraction of the global demand for condoms is met each year. With Sir Richard's, you're helping to bridge that gap.

For every Sir Richard's condom bought, we donate one condom to a country in need. Align your purchase with the change you want to see in the world. Doing good never felt better.

We believe in sexual democracy - which is like regular democracy but more fun. Our ever-expanding product lines are cultivated to encourage conversation, eradicate bedroom boredom and perhaps push a few boundaries.

Everything we do is driven by our ambition to produce pleasurable and responsibly sourced sex accessories for
every body and every body type. We are more than just a condom company and you are more than your orientation. 👏🏽


Glyde condoms are fair trade and made without harsh chemicals. Not only do they sell ultra, maxi and slim fit condoms.

They sell organic flavored condoms including licorice, blueberry, vanilla, wildberry, and strawberry.

Glyde is a B Corporation meaning they are legally obligated to be environmentally responsible.

The last 3 are ultimate Empower Palette condoms!

Sustain Natural

The condoms come in a tailored fit (so things stay in place), ultra thin and large comfort fit.

Started by a father-daughter duo! That makes me so happy!

They sell not only condoms, but tampons, pads, lubes and wipes! All are made without animals and harmful ingredients. They use organic and fair trade ingredients.

Sustain natural is a B Corporation. They even donate 10% of their pretax profits to women who lack access to reproductive healthcare!

You can buy once or save 15% with a monthly subscription.

See the reviews

To remember: when you buy a product, you are also buying the brand/company


Their condoms are 100% organic, made with aloe vera and free of harsh chemicals.

With each purchase, they donate a condom to planned parenthood!

This brand is empowering women in their sexual wellness.


At Lovability Inc. we believe that sexual confidence is a pathway to power. We believe that "safe sex" starts way before you grab a condom, but rather it begins with knowing your value and potential.

We exist to remind you to love and respect yourself, and have fun while doing it. We seek to inspire you to commit to pursuing your desires because they are essential to your health.

We believe that gender equality in society is only possible if we practice gender equality in the bedroom. We strive to set an example for future generations to go after what they want and stand up for what they deserve.

See the reviews



L. condoms come in ultra-thin, classic, do (each other good), and large. No harmful chemicals and no BS.

For every item purchased, one is donated to a female entrepreneur in a developing country.


Today, L. works with a network of over 2,800 female entrepreneurs and is on track to donate 50 million health products in 2017. L. products are designed by a team of women in San Francisco with real women in mind. Your products should reflect who you are; beautiful, smart and natural. No compromises. Now or ever.

We believe that personal care products should leave you happy and healthy, with karma on your side.

L. also sells tampons and pads. They currently only ship to the U.S. Oh and their slogan is ‘world changing sex’! Click here to read more about this authentic, simple and intelligent company.

Oh, and they also have rave reviews. 😍

Please practice safe sex. 😘

What do you think about the FDA? Are you switching to vegan condoms? Will you try one or all of these brands? 😉

Post a comment or question below and don’t hesitate to share this post and help create a cycle of positive sexual health 😘

& remember to allow your authentic self to empower the women around you

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